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Founded in 2013, it was preceded by five years of experience with the operation of fast food in Kolin. The founders and managing directors Filip Kasal and Lukas Kaninsky were not satisfied with the level of hamburger patties on the Czech market.

Therefore, they proposed a burger recipe with their own flavors and mayonnaise dressing. All then combined with fresh vegetables and other ingredients in the burger, BURGR JAKO KRAVA.

The company offers hamburger patties, mayonnaise dressings and also “mini-franchise“ brand, BURGR JAKO KRAVA, LTD, that will provide graphics support and other benefits. Learn more about franchising in the section collaboration.

What the owners say about the company?

„After a long and fruitless forage to find quality beef burgers for our restaurant in Kolin, one day we said 'enough'. If there is no one who would deliver really good burgers, we started to produce them ourselves. After a great success in our fast food restaurant and also with our first customers, we have expanded production and decided that our great burgers and salad dressings will please you all.“

„We spent 6 months in research and development, looking for the best recipe and production process to suit all our needs at a really high quality. We now introduce the products BURGR JAKO KRAVA, LTD, which offers everything from the burgers we wanted - a huge portion of excellent beef, great taste, no burnt oil and affordability for everyone who wants to sell good food.“

Filip Kasal, Managing Director and Partner

Our policies

  • QUALITY - everything we do is with the utmost care and to the highest quality
  • RELIABILITY - we keep our promise
  • SPEED - our deliveries are fast, with any special requirements, we always try to accommodate your needs