For delivery even at festivals...

Takeaway burger
in a box


Burgers delivered safely to the customer

When you want to deliver tasty and freshly cooked burgers from your fast food premises,
they can NOT be thrown into a plastic bag or polystyrene box...

Why you should use Burgr Jako Krava box for your Burgr Jako Krava?

  • The burger will keep its taste and will not go soggy in the box
  • The box is strong and comfortable, when you are transporting it, nothing can happen, (except somebody else might feel tempted to eat it).
  • Everyone who will buy a burger from you will appreciate the comfort of takeaway eating, maybe on a bench in the park, on a train, at festivals or even in a canoe...


  • Burger box
  • Burger box with French fries

Burgr jako krava - Box
Burgr jako krava - Box