Only high quality beef patties
Seasoned just with
salt and pepper

And then gently steamed


4 reasons why you should buy our beef patties:

We manufacture our beef patties from high quality beef, sourced locally from farms in the Czech republic. We are the original Czech company.
Our beef patties do not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
Our beef patties are seasoned only with salt and pepper to compliment the natural beef flavour.
We do not deep fry our products, but by gently steaming them, we lock in all the natural juices.

You will be pleased to know that by using the steaming method our product:

  • Holds its volume (weight)
  • Does not change shape
  • Doesn't contain the risk of contamination from raw meat
  • Is user friendly and will save you time, money and effort

Thanks to our snap freezing:

  • You will only use what you need
  • You will not be throwing away unsold or out of date products

Our 100% prime beef patties are available:

  • 80g, 100g and 150g at 11cm diameter 
  • 80g and 100g are available in boxes of 50 pcs, 150g come in boxes of 35 pcs
  • Prices are available on request.

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