Only correct
and ingredients.....

.... will guarantee the right taste
of Burgr Jako Krava


The correct ingredients

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Burger bun from company La Lorraine (12cm diameter, 86 g)
Meat only Burg Jako Krava meat
Iceberg Lettuce or other fresh lettuce DO NOT REPLACE with ANY cabbage!
Cheddar cheese possibly yellow toasted cheese DO NOT REPLACE with edam!
Dressing of course only Burgr Jako Krava dressing DO NOT REPLACE with ketchup or mayonnaise!
Onion use only red onion NOT white onion!

Correct preparation

Meat - defrost estimated order overnight in the fridge. If you accidentally don't sell the expected numbers of the estimated order, you can use the unsold portions within next two days as long as it is kept in a refrigerator. Our burgers are made with a special heat treatment which will allow you to do so.

Burger bun - thaw at room temperature within a few tens of minutes. After thawing it can withstand being refrigerated up to 3 days in an undamaged original packaging.

Recommended appliances

Toaster for the burger bun
type: toaster ECG ST 968
preparation time: burger bun pops up automatically in 2 minutes
temperature: heat degree 4-5

Burger bun is never
to be microwaved


Grill for cooking meat
type: any non-stick grill
preparation time: 1.5 minute
temperature: 200°C

Meat is never
to be deep fried


Barbecue plates can also be used for the preparation of the meat
type: any barbecue plate with a smooth top
preparation time: 1.5 minutes on each side
temperature: 200°C


Correct procedure

Toast defrosted burger bun in a toaster simultaneously with defrosted meat on a 200 degrees heated grill.
Remove the burger bun out from the toaster ( the correctly toasted burger see picture 1) and at the same time lift the grill and lay cheese on top of correctly seared meat.
Apply dressing on both inner sides of the burger bun (see picture 2) and lay chopped or shredded ice berg on the bottom side of the bun (see picture 3).
Lay the meat with already melted cheese (see picture 4) on top of the ice berg and add other vegetables like tomatoes, gherkin and red onion (see picture 5).
Attach the top part of the bun with the dressing to the rest and serve immediately
the burger bun
until crisp
the dressing
the iceberg
Lay the meat
with already
melted cheese
Add the rest of
the vegetables
Attach the top part of the bun with the dressing to the rest and serve immediately